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Nov 4 12 9:02 AM

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I guess this is old news but I NEVER watch MSNBC so I didn't know that SE has been hanging out on her own show at MSNBC.  I saw her show yesterday with some other hot babe but I didn't listen to word being said I just glanced at the tv when SE was on b/c I was busy reading THE NEW YORK TIMES.

I guess she has been there since the summer, here is a clip of some guy starring at her cleavage.  What a smart sexy babe she is!  She's too good for MSNBC

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Dec 6 12 4:35 AM

S. E. Cupp also does a show on The Blaze TV called Real News.  As for Krystal Ball.she joined MSNBC not long before The Cycle started. She is a democrat from Virginia.

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Aug 15 13 4:25 AM

S.E. Cupp got into a pickle with the right and angered people. She is basically stuck trying to figure out if MSNBC/CNN is better than being on The Blaze with Glenn Beck. So guess what?  She chose CNN over MSNBC and The Blaze. She left the Cycle. She is basically leaving The Blaze or will be. Her new show Crossfire will air during her show on The Blaze. And so she had to leave the show. Last week she came from D.C. Live to the Blaze Studio in New York City to say hi and is now gone. Instead she popped up on CNN, She really ruined herself quick in about 18 months with the right. Lets just say she has attacked the right and is disagreeing with many conservatives on some issues. So she is persona non-grata.  So it looks like she is just going to be on Crossfire on CNN. But if it failed, I don't doubt she would be back to The Blaze or find another show to head to on whatever cable channel would welcome her.


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Sep 10 15 1:40 AM

Cupp did lose it. She now is without a show and making oddball commentary the few times she goes on CNN. She basically is neither left nor right. She seems lost.

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