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May 15 13 8:35 AM

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May 15 13 2:32 PM

Thanks for posting those! Not a big fan of her platinum hair in the Emmy picture, but a BIG fan of the dress she was wearing? Who's the shorty she's standing with in the Emmy pic?

Interestingly, she was just on channel 5 earlier this year.

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May 17 13 4:06 PM

But I could post a channel 12 photo and that doesn't mean she still works for them.I was going to post a Happy Hour photo that she was in. That's not CBS

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May 18 13 11:52 AM

She's been a great addition to CBS 2. She's done a great job as a fill-in anchor. She was at Fox 5 for only a short time and only reported for them, she might of been given a chance on Fox 5 if she stuck around a little longer since it seems Fox 5 is looking for some weekday morning anchors. But it doesn't matter, she's doing great on CBS 2.

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