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I need a life.


Aug 23 13 3:03 AM

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To All Board Members -

Some things that may be worthy of discussion...

1) I am considering making some changes to the current board layout, mostly revolving around the International forums. Since this board is mostly centered around the US networks, I am looking to decrease the number of international sub-forums into just a few by merging certain existing similar forums together, such as British networks to contain all the British based posts. Please share your thoughts on this if you are inclined to.

2) Even though I have Admin rights, I can only make minimal changes to the actual layout of the board (unless I simply can't figure out the way to apply different skins to the board). So don't expect any changes in that regard soon.

3) Rich & Century have been removed from the board staff for inactivity.

4) I am currently in the process of revamping our board staff. JJ29 will stay on as a Global Moderator. HSF has been promoted to moderator for a few select boards. I know that this forum is currently a distant cry from what it once had been prior to all of the recent board moves, departure of longtime members and even the ReporterCaps board meltdown. I don't know if we'll ever regain that glory but I believe it starts with having the board staff be made up of active members.

5) If anyone else has ideas on how to make the board better, please share. PM me if you want.

Thanks - Slash

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Aug 26 13 2:03 AM

see as there isn't that many uploading onto there (me included) it does not sound like a bad idea. I certinally am not going to be increasing what I do, bit too busy with other stuff.

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I need a life.

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Aug 30 13 6:56 AM

Thanks for the feedback, Paul & Robert Thumbsup

I was tired of the strain that the dark background was giving my eyes Wth so I changed the skin. I can change it back if there is enough interest in doing so Cool02

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Aug 30 13 9:33 AM

Forum theme

I preferred the dark theme, myself.  Perhaps something in-between?  I'm finding it difficult to read the text over the white background.

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HSF 909

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Aug 30 13 8:57 PM

Something tells me that the fact that the apparent default text color being a mid-value gray has something to do with the readability on both the black and white backgrounds. Black text would probably make a huge difference with this skin.

When the Giants come to town, it's Bye Bye Baby...

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Sep 4 13 1:46 PM

Active topics

I just noticed the "last updated" date is no longer showing in the Active Topics page.  Any way to re-add it?  Kinda hard to tell what's been updated since one's last visit.

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#8 [url]

Sep 7 13 6:50 PM

Hello Slash,

Yes please delete all the threads I created in the International & my caps, also please delete my chat thread. I have no time for other forum boards.


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