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master sergeant

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#21 [url]

Sep 10 11 7:16 AM

Thanks Dave.

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#29 [url]

Oct 10 11 3:27 PM

Her looks impress me, too! Elisabeth has it goin' on looks-wise! 
If she isn't a rocket scientest, who cares?
She's smart enough to get gigs that have landed her a comfortable life.

I like the caps, Dave, thanks! 

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sergeant first class

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#30 [url]

Oct 10 11 6:30 PM

Not any smarter, though.


She has a lot of intelligence to go with all that beauty.

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first sergeant

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#38 [url]

Dec 3 11 1:18 PM

Thanks for showing off Elizabeth's gorgeous body, daved. We all know she has gorgeous legs and your caps show she has the rest of the goods also.wink

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