Dec 13 13 1:48 AM

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If you are one of those who listened to her show , it has been off the air since Oct 11 when she filed a breach of contract lawsuit against TRN.

Per Radio Ink Magazine:

"Three days after our cover story on Andrea Tantaros came out, she is off the air with no clear indication when or if she'll ever be back on. It's a situation that has been plaguing TRN lately with the departure of Michael Savage (now with Cumulus), who also filed a lawsuit against TRN and Laura Ingraham (now with Courtside). Tantaros launched her show over a year ago with TRN CEO Mark Masters promoting her heavily as the next big big talent in the Talk Radio format. One former TRN employee told Radio Ink last night Tantaros has not been paid for over a month, has never been told how many affiliates her show is on and TRN has never shared any advertiser information (part of her deal was revenue sharing)."