Oct 11 14 5:10 PM

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The second episode of the hit Fox series Sleepy Hollow introduced a new sheriff of the titular town:  Leena Reyes, played by Sakina Jaffrey. While watching the episode, I (of course) Googled the name and learned that Sakina played on the hit Netflix series, House of Cards, as Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez for over a season and a half. I and other fans of the show have witnessed Reyes' tough-as-nails demeanor, and learned that she worked for the Border Patrol before returning home to Sleepy Hollow as its sheriff, replacing Frank Irving (Orlando Jones), who was incarcerated by the end of the first season. Within a few moments, Leena turned heel and slapped the cuffs on Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) when she is caught with a collection of guns, and we later learn in the following episode that she actually knew both Jenny and Abby (Nicole Beharie) as kids and handled their mother's case; in fact, it was her testimony that sent their mother to the psych ward, where she committed suicide. Because of all of these factors, I can't help but believe that Leena Reyes will actually serve as a villainess during this current season of the show. I really hope she does. There is something attractive about an evil woman in a position of power in a power suit, and I seriously think that Sakina's character would be golden as a sinister villainess. All of this has me anxious for the upcoming episodes, which air at the same time as Monday Night Raw. Thank God for On Demand!

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