Nov 6 14 10:44 AM

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Today's Thursday, which means one of my big-time favorite shows on CBS, Elementary. After a long wait, Elementary's third season began last Thursday with Sherlock Holmes returning to NYC after being fired from MI6, the organization he joined at the end of Season Two. We also learn that Sherlock has a new protégé, Kitty, who Joan Watson sparred with in the premiere. The standout moment in last week's premiere was the appearance by the legendary Gina Gershon, which was promoted in the promo for the upcoming season, but the ambiguous nature suggested that she would appear later in the season. As usual, Gina gave a terrific performance as the villainess of the episode, Allison March, a high-society woman who is also a drug queenpin. Hard to believe that Gina is actually 52, but it's true. Bound, which remains as Gina's best known film, was 18 years ago. But as you can clearly see, Gina's still as lovely as ever!