Jun 1 15 2:21 PM

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What you're looking at is the reason why I have been binge-watching 24 in the last few months:  Penny Johnson-Jerald. Penny is in the news lately as it was reported on various websites that she will not return to the ABC series, Castle, as the hard-nosed Captain Victoria "Iron" Gates; a role she has played for the last four seasons. Of course, Penny will always be best known for 24, where she played the villainous Sherry Palmer, the First Lady of the United States, on the first three seasons of the hit Fox series. I had never watched a second of 24, but while watching a special on E! which profiled the "50 Most Wicked Women in Primetime." I forget what number, but Penny's Sherry Palmer actually was on that list. I had no idea that Sherry was a villainess until watching that special, so a few months ago I started binge-watching 24 to see the evil Sherry in action. From what I saw, she was definitely worthy of being on that list. Undermining her husband's authority and committing immoral and even criminal acts to keep David Palmer as President, mainly to maintain her lifestyle. She even committed murder in Season Three, and decided to attempt to get her husband removed as President; however, she would pay a fatal price at the end of that season. I've seen a bit of scenes of Penny on Castle, and I think she was cast in that strong role because of 24. smiley: laugh