Jul 9 15 2:27 AM

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Watching eight seasons of Dexter in February and March of last year has made me a huge fan of actress Jennifer Carpenter. Jennifer actually gained some fame on the big screen as the title character in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but it was on the hit, long-running Showtime series that she became a household name on the small screen. Between 2006 and 2013, Jennifer played Debra Morgan, a detective on the Miami PD and the adoptive sister of the title character, played by Jennifer's then-husband, Michael C. Hall. Since the show ended, Jennifer has done a small number of projects; including the horror film, The Devil's Hand, which I watched a few months ago. In the film, Jennifer played Rebekah, the evil stepmother of the film's protagonist. For the first time since Dexter, Jennifer will return to the small screen in Limitless, a TV adaptation of the 2011 film that starred Bradley Cooper, who will participate on the show. Jennifer will again play a cop, an FBI agent, at that, and she is also named Rebecca (spelled differently, obviously). I was going to watch this anyway, because I saw the film and loved it, but Jennifer's involvement has me even more eager for this show to debut.