Jul 31 15 12:21 PM

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Constance Zimmer is everywhere, and that's an understatement! To say that 2015 has been an excellent year for Constance would be another understatement. In the last week alone, she has turned up the heat as the unscrupulous Quinn King on Lifetime's UnREAL, and she appeared on NBC's Hollywood Game Night this past Tuesday. Constance also appears on USA's Complications, which I still have yet to watch. I just learned yesterday that Constance will join Agents of SHIELD when the show returns for its third season on September 29. Not much is revealed about her character, but I do know that Constance will play a villainess of sorts. She will portray the leader of a secret government society, and she will clash with Phil Coulson, already making her more evil than her UnREAL character. Constance is no stranger to the "Alphabet Network"; she was part of the cast of Boston Legal several years ago.