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Today, Raquel Welch turns 75! We all know the iconic actress for making her mark as a sex symbol in One Million Years B.C., and since then, Raquel has added numerous titles to her credit, including being humorously referenced on Seinfeld. The actress was mentioned in Season Eight's "The Nap," but received a more memorable reference in the following episode, "The Yada Yada," when a priest tells a joke about Raquel and the Pope in a lifeboat. After the mentions, Raquel physically appeared in the season finale, "The Summer of George," humorously serving as a villainess of sorts. Raquel was portrayed as a demanding woman with violent tendencies in the episode, and she plagued Kramer after he was instructed to fire her from the cast of "The Scarsdale Surprise"; something he had to do in order to keep a Tony Award that he possessed. Kramer got the job done, but he would be attacked by Raquel while trying to escape. Raquel's heel persona later crossed paths with Elaine, as she believed that Elaine was mocking her when she was walking without moving her arms (which is why Raquel was fired). Elaine was actually describing a co-worker who had been harassing her, but despite that, the evil Raquel attacked her an engaged in a "catfight," which was also a small subject in the episode:  the male gender's adoration for catfights. smiley: roll

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