Sep 6 15 6:11 PM

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Arrow is a show that I wanted to watch since it debuted in 2012, but I have too many shows as it is, and there was no room to put that on the list. Series star Stephen Amell's recent WWE exposure finally pushed me to start binge watching the show a few weeks ago, and I've watched two complete seasons thanks to Netflix. Since last night, I can't seem to get my mind off the lovely lady pictured above, Summer Glau, who appeared during Season 2. I first saw Summer in the remake of The Initiation of Sarah back in 2006, and she has done a number of films and TV shows, most notably the Terminator series on Fox. 

Regarding Arrow, Summer appeared as recurring villainess Isabel Rochev, who I actually learned about via her profile on Villains Wikia before I even watched a second of this show. I figured she was a big bad, but when I watched, I saw she was basically a henchwoman, but she was pretty wicked nonetheless. Isabel's ruthlessness was displayed early when she crossed swords with Oliver Queen over control of Queen Consolidated, but it was later in the season that she was revealed to be in league with Slade Wilson, Oliver's mentor turned supervillain. Isabel was motivated by revenge; it was revealed that she was Robert Queen's ex-mistress, but he broke her heart. At least that's what she says. In actuality, they were set to run away together, but he tended to Thea after she fell off her horse. And here's what showed me how truly cold and selfish Isabel was:  she told Robert to forget about Thea because she wasn't even his daughter. Whoa.

As lovely as Summer looks in the left photo, it's the right photo that gets to me. Isabel was actually shot to death late in the season, but she was revived after Slade gave her his Mirakuru-laced blood, which makes her nearly indestructible. She later resurfaced in a bodysuit and mask as the villainous Ravager, and she was as bad-a$$ as she was sexy! We don't see many masked villainesses on TV, and I myself would like to see more in wrestling, so that image was a wonderful sight. Isabel finally got hers for good in the season finale, but she made a hell of an impact!