Oct 22 15 3:26 AM

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So I've recently received a bit of attention on Twitter from the lovely lady pictured above:  Anne Marie DeLuise. Anne Marie is a TV actress who has appeared on several shows, most recently in last night's episode of iZombie, which I tweeted about. Anne Marie is married to Peter DeLuise, who is one of the sons of the late, great Dom DeLuise, and she's Canadian; from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. Anne Marie favorited my tweet I posted on Tuesday night, and she favorited another tweet and sent two replies to me yesterday! I featured Anne Marie as part of the weekly #WomanCrushWednesday tweet, and it included this photo, which is from her appearance on Psych all the way back in 2006. The episode was the fourth-ever in the series, titled "Woman Seeking Dead Husband, Smokers Okay, No Pets, and Anne Marie appeared as the evil Raylene Wilcroft, the innocent-looking housewife who was actually the ringleader in a bank robbery. Her first response to the photo was "Now there's an expression!" I told her that her episode of Psych was one of my favorites, and I asked her if she enjoyed playing a villainess. Her response:  "Absolutely! Being bad is fun!" smiley: laugh