Jan 8 16 4:04 PM

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Hey guys I was recently watching a documentary about wikileaks and saw this news reader from BBC that was used in some archival footage from a few years ago and was wondering if anyone could identify her for me?<a href=[img]http://s02.imageupper.com/1_t/3/R14523122012522544_1.jpg" alt="image">[/img]<a href=[img]http://s02.imageupper.com/1_t/3/R14523122012522544_2.jpg" alt="image">[/img]<a href=[img]http://s02.imageupper.com/1_t/3/R14523122012522544_3.jpg" alt="image">[/img]<a href=[img]http://s02.imageupper.com/1_t/3/R14523122012522544_4.jpg" alt="image">[/img]

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