Apr 1 16 11:36 AM

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It's the day after the big Shades of Blue season finale, and I still have goosebumps, mainly over the final scene. I knew I was going to be head over heels in love with this show, and the reason can be summed up in two words:  Jennifer Lopez. Everything J-Lo touches turns to gold, as has been the case several times, and SOB is definitely no exception. The show is absolutely amazing and better get a load of awards! And J-Lo's performance as Harlee Santos is definitely Emmy-worthy. One of the things I love about this show is that this is the closest that J-Lo has come to playing a villain without her character being an actual antagonist. Harlee Santos is definitely no saint; she's a corrupt cop, but she's not completely immoral, either. The wrestling fan in me can't help but use this term, but Harlee is what we would call a "tweener"; neither babyface nor heel. Though in this GIF, that I just had to create, Harlee gives off an immense heel vibe, even though her actions were against a very despicable character in Miguel Zepeda. Miguel was Harlee's abusive ex-lover, who she framed for a murder he didn't commit in order to get away from him and, more importantly, protect their daughter, Cristina; yes, "their"; Miguel is Cristina's father, something Harlee intentionally kept from Cristina, but she found out on her own later in the season after he was released from prison. The final scene from last night had Miguel (ugh) with Harlee's gun pointed at her and attempting to sexually assault her, while claiming that he would hurt Harlee as well as Cristina. I was rooting for Harlee to do something to him, and boy did she! She snapped his neck! It wasn't that she killed Miguel that had me elated (he damn sure deserved it), but how casually she acted after she did it; shoving that body aside like nothing! And as the aforementioned GIF shows, Harlee turned heel and gave an ominous icy stare; the final image of the first season. That evil glare has me anxious for Season Two, which can't come soon enough, and for Season One to be released on Blu-Ray. Should be interesting to see how Harlee covers this up in Season Two! smiley: happy