Apr 11 16 10:15 AM

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A stacked Sunday night of TV included a double dose of Elementary, with the episodes "All In" and "Art Imitating Art" airing back-to-back. The latter of the two episodes featured one of my favorite actresses, Christina Cox, the lovely lady pictured above. Christina has done a lot of small screen work; appearing in episodes of Arrow as Celia Castle, the mayor of Star City, and a notable appearance on Dexter as villainous police officer Zoey Kruger, just to name a few. Regarding last night, Christina played the episode's lead villainess, Krysta Pullman, a district attorney who committed murder to cover for her common-law wife, Terri, who killed Krysta's mistress.


This morning, I created the two screencaps shown on the post. The first one shows Krysta being interrogated, and the other shows the evil Krysta in action. As many times as I've seen Christina, I've wanted her to play villains more often; she certainly has the look. I tweeted the photos to her with a tweet about her performance on the show and that she should play villains more often, and to my surprise, she responded! Her response: "Bring em on and let the mustache twirling begin! Bwahahaha!"  smiley: laughsmiley: laughsmiley: laugh