Apr 28 16 7:14 PM

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Welcome to "Number One Says," or as it's known out here, "Game Seven Woes."

Number One says:

The first round ends with yet another home Game Seven loss for the Ducks. Last night, the Nashville Predators won Game Seven, 2-1, advancing to the Pacific Final against the San Jose Sharks. For the Ducks, they have now lost five straight Game Sevens, with the last four coming on home ice in as many years. In fact, three of the Ducks' four losses were at home, and this one came against a team who was playing their first Game Seven in their franchise history. So once again, the Ducks have to wonder what went wrong after losing another Game Seven.

Before that game, the Division Finals got underway with the red hot Islanders winning Game One, 5-3, over the Lightning. This was the Isles' third straight win dating back to their back-to-back double OT wins over the Panthers in Games Five and Six. The Metropolitan and Central series get underway tonight, as the Capitals will host the Penguins, while the Stars will host the Blues.

The NBA's Elite Eight is shaping up, as the Golden State Warriors became the latest team to advance in the NBA Playoffs, blowing out the Rockets in Game Five. GS will await either Portland or the Clippers, and in that series, the Blazers have a 3-2 advantage over the banged up Clippers. The other West Semfinal is set, as the Thunder and Spurs will face each other. In the East, only the Cavaliers have advanced, and they are awaiting either Atlanta or Boston. Game Six of that series is tonight, as well as Game Six of the Raptors/Pacers series.

We already have a no-hitter this season, as Jake Arrieta pitched a no-hitter in Cincinnati, with the Cubs winning that game 16-0. This is the second no-no from Arrieta in as many seasons. Yankees starter Nathan Eovaldi came close on Monday, taking a no-hitter into the seventh in Arlington. With the first no-no coming this early, this season is on pace to see at least seven no-hitters, which would tie the single season record.

Back to hockey for a bit. I mentioned in another post that Alex Ovechkin has never reached the Conference Finals. In fact, Washington has lost four straight second round series. On social media, I actually said, "It would be something if the Cubs win the World Series before Ovechkin wins a Cup." I said it as a joke, but with Alex's playoff history and the Cubs getting better and better, it could be a reality. Which brings us to...

The #1 Burning Question of the Week:  Cubs or Oveckhin, who wins first?