May 26 16 5:37 AM

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Happy birthday to one of my all-time favorite women of Supernatural, Nicki Lynn Aycox, who turns 41 today! Fitting that her b-day falls a day after SPN ended their 11th season. Nicki has done many shows and movies in her career, including appearing as the twisted Amber Canardo in an episode of Criminal Minds, and playing Minxie in Jeepers Creepers 2. However, Nicki's most memorable and notable role was on SPN as the evil Meg Masters; the series' first in a long line of notable villainesses.

Meg first popped up in "Scarecrow," as she is encountered by Sam Winchester after he butted heads with Dean yet again. They appeared to have bonded and Sam came close to leaving with Meg, but he decided at the last minute to go back to Dean. Meg turned heel in the end of the episode, when she slit a truck driver's throat and contacted Azazel, meaning that she's a demon. Meg resurfaced in "Shadow," the episode which featured the boys finally reuniting with John Winchester, and it was also where the boys learn the truth about Meg. It also included Nicki's most memorable scene:  Meg's fall from a multi-story building, which she survived. 

Meg continued to plague the boys up until the season finale, where they capture Meg and exorcise the demon out of her. This was done despite a warning from Bobby Singer, who made his first ever appearance, that the demon kept Meg from being killed in that fall, and once she was human again, Meg felt the effects from the fall and died instantly.  

Despite her character's passing, Nicki returned as Meg Masters in Season Four's second episode, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester." She was one of the spirits sent to torment the boys and Bobby, and as many fans remember, Nicki's hair grew out a bit since her previous appearance. This led to my favorite line of hers in the episode:  "This is what I looked like before that demon chopped of my hair and dressed me like a slut."  smiley: roll 

Meg was brought back in the beginning of Season Five, but played by a different actress, Rachel Miner--Macaulay Culkin's ex-wife. Now, technically, it was not really Meg, but Azazel's daughter (who was unnamed) possessing another vessel. But for the sake of argument and continuity, she was called Meg. Rachel played Meg from Seasons Five through Eight, but I and many, many other SPN fans know that there is only one true Meg Masters, and that is Nicki Aycox. I didn't start watching SPN regularly until Season Three began, but Nicki's villainous appearances in Season One were the reason why I tuned into the show for one of her episodes. I did (and still do) love her short blonde hairstyle on the show; it was very fitting at the time.