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TNT's The Librarians, the series based on the trilogy of TV movies that starred Noah Wyle, has aired for two seasons since 2014 and will be back for a third season later this year. As announced last month, Season Three will feature Vanessa Williams, whose last major foray into the small screen came as the villainous Wilhelmina Slater in ABC's hit series, Ugly Betty. Regarding The Librarians, Vanessa will turn heel once again, as she will appear as the season's main villainess, General Rockwell. I suspect a first name will be revealed sometime in the season.

According to the article, Vanessa's evil General Rockwell is the head of a sinister group known as the Department of Statistical Anomalies. Her mission, as well as the DOSA's as a whole, is to apprehend the Librarians and take over the Library and all of its massive power. Now I have never seen Ugly Betty but I've heard the descriptions of Wilhelmina to know how diabolical she was. From what I've read about Vanessa's villainous Librarians character, she's basically a more megalomaniacal version of Wilhelmina.  smiley: laugh  I'm anxious and excited for Season Three of The Librarians, though sadly, I do not know the premiere date. I remember that Season Two premiered on November 1 of last year; the same day that the Royals clinched the World Series, so I do expect a late fall premiere again. Even so, it'll be worth the wait to see Vanessa Williams in her evil glory. 

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