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The week in women's wrestling began with Sasha Banks and Paige fighting Charlotte and Dana Brooke:

What was supposed to be a match between Becky Lynch and Summer Rae instead became Becky's chance at going after her evil former partner, Natalya:

The next night's Impact Wrestling featured Sienna and Gail Kim clashing over the Knockouts Championship:

On the following evening's NXT, Carmella faced off against Alexa Bliss:

The next night on SmackDown, NXT's Billie Kay made a surprise appearance as Dana Brooke's opponent:

Later in the evening, Sasha Banks and Summer Rae clashed:

And that's the week in a nutshell! Thoughts:


One of the highlights of the week was clearly the surprise main show appearance of NXT's Billie Kay on SmackDown this past Thursday. Billie Kay, best known to indy wrestling fans as Jessie McKay, has been in WWE since last year, debuting on NXT's main program last June. She hasn't been on the NXT program a lot, mainly competing on live events. Billie originally portrayed a babyface character, but she has competed as a villainess since last fall. Despite having a villainous look in the photo above, Billie appeared as a babyface opponent for Dana Brooke this past Thursday. No word on if this will lead to a call-up for BK; I doubt it will, she's only been in NXT for a year. Seeing as how Bayley, Alexa, and Carmella are really the only ones left from that core group from 2014-15, I see Billie remaining in NXT for another year. Whether she'll get pushed or not remains to be seen, but we should at least expect more appearances on NXT's main program for the evil Billie Kay.


Staying on the subject of surprises, Mercedes Martinez walked out of SHIMMER Weekend as the new SHIMMER Champion, a title that she had been chasing for the longest time. Mercedes returned to wrestling a few months ago after rehabbing a back injury for nearly two years, and last weekend's SHIMMER appearance was her first since April 2014. Not only did Mercedes take the title from Madison Eagles, but she also formed an alliance with inaugural Heart of SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy, as well as SHIMMER newcomer Shayna Bazsler. This is clearly the most powerful alliance in SHIMMER's 11 year history, as it includes both of SHIMMER's singles champions.


Trish Stratus turned heel, but not in a wrestling ring. Her latest movie, Gridlocked, was released this year, and the film features WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus as the evil Gina, a villainous SWAT officer. This is not Trish's first film; she starred in a film called, Bounty Hunters, back in 2011. In that film, Trish played the lead protagonist, but this film was the first time that Trish played a villainess outside of wrestling. I finally watched this film last Sunday, and I had a feeling that Trish would be evil, and I was absolutely correct! I'm still in love with my pipe dream of having Trish as a heel commentator with Lita and Renee Young, but it was great seeing Trish as a heel again! smiley: laugh 


Trish's villainous movie appearance is the latest in a trend I've been noticing; current and former WWE female wrestlers appearing as villains in TV and film. It's quite a long list and it includes two women featured above:  Sable and Stacy Keibler. The photo of Sable is from one of her guest appearances, playing villainess Elizabeth Rukeyser in an episode of Relic Hunter. She also appeared as an evil alien in an episode of First Wave. In 2008, Stacy turned heel for her role as the evil Karen in ABC Family's miniseries, Samurai Girl. Others on that list include the recently late Chyna, who also appeared as a villainess in Relic Hunter, as well as playing evil alien Rex in 2007's Illegal Aliens. Eve Torres has played a few villainous roles recently, most notably appearing as Maxima on TV's Supergirl. Summer Rae and Paige have each played villains in WWE movies, and the latest installment of The Marine series will feature Naomi as one of the antagonists. 

A new week begins on the 4th of July tomorrow, and I hope that Natalya finally competes on TV. As for the Knockouts, Raquel will be in action, participating in a six person match with the Bromans against Decay, and Part 1 of Ultima Lucha Dos is this Wednesday. Ivelisse and Taya will face off in one of the many matches, while Black Lotus will face Dragon Azteca, and Sexy Star and Mariposa will be part of the Gift of the Gods Championship contest.


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