Jul 10 16 8:08 AM

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The week in women's wrestling began on Raw with Sasha Banks again getting the best of Charlotte and Dana Brooke:

Later in the evening, Becky Lynch faced off against Summer Rae:

The next night on Impact Wrestling, Jade and Marti Bell clashed once again, this time in a street fight:

For the first time since returning to TNA TV, Raquel was in action, as she and the Bromans faced off against all of Decay:

Bayley and Alexa Bliss faced each other on the next night's NXT:

The next night on SmackDown, the evil Natalya attacked Becky Lynch once again:

A bonus match uploaded by Women's Wrestling Revolution; Raquel competing as a villainess against Alexxis:

And that's the week in a nutshell! Thoughts:


This past Monday's Raw featured the return of the evil Vickie Guerrero; her first WWE TV appearance in two years. Ever since news of the re-emerging Brand Extension hit, viewers have seen former GMs during that period resurface and lobby for jobs running one of the shows, and Vickie was no exception. Vickie will always be known for serving as SmackDown's villainous GM from 2007-2009, and returning to an authoritative role in 2012 until her departure in 2014. Vickie actually turned face in her last appearance in 2014, as she got the best of Stephanie McMahon before leaving. In her return, however, Vickie resurfaced as a villainess and demanded that the fans vote her back as the SmackDown GM, even giving her trademark evil laugh. She was carried away by security, and suffered more humiliation when Dolph Ziggler (who Vickie has history with) stated that she had never seen her before. smiley: laugh In the time that has passed between her departure and her one-night return, Vickie has since remarried, and is also the mother-in-law to Aiden English (one half of the Vaudevillains), who married Vickie's eldest daughter, Shaul Guerrero--aka former WWE talent Raquel Diaz.


The match between Alexxis and Raquel actually happened three months to the day ago, and as the video showed, Chelsea Green, another Tough Enough alum, was in the corner of Alexxis. Despite playing a babyface Knockout in TNA, Raquel was portrayed as a villainess possibly showing jealousy of Chelsea, and this goes back to what I stated a week or so ago about having Raquel turn heel and engage in a feud with Chelsea, who is officially signed to TNA. Alexxis (real name Alisha Inacio) has a strong TNA connection herself. For one, her husband is current X Division Champion Eddie Edwards. Secondly, Alexxis appeared at the third Knockouts Knockdown event last year, losing the event's opening match against the evil Madison Rayne. 

Speaking of Tough Enough, I'm getting impatient waiting for Sara Lee to debut on the NXT program. Sara Lee won the competition almost a year ago, and finally made her first live show appearance this January, being interviewed in the ring by Tom Phillips. Despite being known for her peppy demeanor on Tough Enough, Sara Lee turned heel in her debut appearance, stating that she is done playing nice and plans on winning matches. She has acted as a babyface for the most part since then, only for her villainous persona to resurface once more in a segment with fellow TE alum ZZ, which featured the evil Sara Lee berating ZZ and leaving the ring. With the brand split coming up next week, I would think/hope that the last pieces of NXT's core group of women (Bayley, Alexa, Carmella, and maybe Nia) would be called up soon, so that Eva Marie can flourish in NXT, and more importantly, Sara Lee and Mandy Rose (among a few others) could be promoted to the NXT program. If it were up to me, Sara Lee would debut on NXT's show as a babyface, only to become a villainess months later when the title's involved. I want to see for myself how much Sara Lee has improved, so they better put her on the program ASAP!


It was announced on Monday's Raw that Natalya and Becky Lynch will face off against each other at Battleground; an announcement I find interesting. I knew this would happen, but this match was made before the Women's Championship match, which has still not been announced. It was three weeks ago that Natalya became a villainess and attacked her then-partner, Becky Lynch, after they lost a tag team contest to Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Natalya explained that she's focusing on herself from this point on, and later stated that she's tired of various miscues (MITB being the latest one) getting in her way. Since turning villainous, the evil Natalya delivered a pair of attacks to Becky; the latest one coming on SmackDown this past Thursday. This match was also made despite Nattie still having not competed since her heel turn three weeks ago. I do expect her to compete in any of the four shows that precede Battleground, and as for the match itself, it's a toss up, but Nattie should win. I still expect Natalya to capture the Women's Championship as a heel down the line.

A new week begins tomorrow--actually it will be the final week before the Brand Extension returns. A match between Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke is supposed to take place on Raw tomorrow, and I do sense that Charlottte vs Sasha will be the match at Battleground. As for the KOs, a huge four-way Knockouts Championship match will take place on Tuesday's Destination X special, as Sienna will defend against Gail Kim, Jade, and Marti Bell. Ultima Lucha Dos will continue this Wednesday, though it's not known which of the three female related matches will happen this Wednesday.