Jul 17 16 6:37 AM

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The week in women's wrestling began on Raw with Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke facing each other:

The next night was Destination X, and it included Sienna, Gail Kim, Jade, and Marti Bell all clashing for the Knockouts Championship:

Part 2 of Ultima Lucha Dos on the following evening included Sexy Star and Mariposa participating in the Gift of the Gods Championship contest:

The next night on SmackDown, Sasha and Dana fought once again:

Alicia Fox returned to action against Becky Lynch on Main Event:

And that's the week in a nutshell! Thoughts:


As I stated earlier, Alicia Fox returned to action on Main Event this week, as Becky Lynch's opponent. Alicia has been MIA since WrestleMania, which saw her on the babyface Total Divas side of a five-on-five contest at the two hour pre-show. The absence is clearly due to the state of the Bellas, with Brie's retirement and Nikki recuperating leaving Alicia with no proper storyline. After a long time of going through the face-heel revolving door, Alicia began her most recent role as a villainess in 2015, aligning with the Bellas to form the trio known as Team Bella. It was Brie's feud with Lana heading into WM that turned Alicia face in solidarity to Brie, as well as the Total Divas as a whole. Regarding Main Event, I do consider Alicia's bout against Becky a face vs face match, because Alicia didn't show much of a villainous persona in her appearance. 


Major congratulations to Sexy Star for her big victory this past Wednesday, capturing the Gift of the Gods Championship! Sexy Star is the second female to capture a title on Lucha Underground; the first being Ivelisse, who held the Trios Championship with Son of Havoc and Angélico twice. However, she is the first female to hold a singles title, especially an important one like the GOTG Title. Sexy Star survived against Killshot, Black Claw, Sinestro De La Muerte, Daga, and last of all, Marty the Moth and Mariposa. The Gift of the Gods Championship can be cashed in  for a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, making this a very important victory for Sexy Star.


The main women's match for next Sunday's Battleground is finally set, and it will feature Charlotte and Dana Brooke competing against Sasha Banks and a mystery partner. When I heard this, my first thought is that Paige could be the partner, but my second thought quickly turned to Bayley. A call-up is long overdue for Bayley, plus they'll need more talent for the upcoming brand split, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Bayley does appear. Another thought I had is a wild one:  Emma. Emma and Dana Brooke had been thick as thieves for over a year, and I've always felt that they could have Emma return as a babyface who feels that Dana abandoned her and has had an inflated ego since aligning with Charlotte. I'm really anxious for next week's PPV; it should be a blast!


Last but not least, I mentioned Lana earlier, and the trailer to Interrogation, her movie with Edge, was released earlier this past week. The film stars Edge as Lucas Nolan, an interrogator recruited to stop a criminal mastermind, and regarding Lana's role, she plays an I.T. specialist who works with Nolan. This isn't Lana's first film; she's done plenty of films and TV in her time before joining WWE. Lana (real name CJ Perry) is best known for participating in the Pitch Perfect films.

A new week begins tomorrow and will end at Battleground in Our Nation's Capital next Sunday! It's a big week as the Brand Extension officially returns, and SmackDown will now air live on Tuesdays! With that, Impact Wrestling moved to Thursdays, with the swap kicking off this week.