Jul 31 16 5:51 AM

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The week in women's wrestling began on Raw with a Women's Championship encounter between Charlotte and Sasha Banks:

Becky Lynch and Natalya faced off in a Battleground rematch the next night on SmackDown Live:

The evil Billie Kay resurfaced on NXT and faced off against Santana Garrett:

The following evening on Impact Wrestling, Gail Kim competed against the evil Madison Rayne:

And that's the week in a nutshell! Thoughts:


Major congratulations to Sasha Banks for capturing the Women's Championship on Monday! I myself expected Sasha to win the title on Raw, even though plans were clear that SummerSlam would be the setting for her big moment. Sasha joins Kaitlyn, Paige, and Charlotte on the list of NXT women who have won major championships, and she is the second to hold the new Women's Championship that was introduced at WrestleMania. Charlotte's combined championship run lasted 10 months, beginning with winning the now defunct Divas Championship at Night of Champions in September 2015. It was announced yesterday that the title rematch will take place at SummerSlam three weeks from today.


Could it be?! Could Melina really be returning to WWE?! According to reports, not only is WWE interested in bringing her back, but she's CLOSE to signing a new deal! This Friday will mark five years exactly since WWE released Melina; in fact, tomorrow is the five year anniversary of what would be Melina's last time in a WWE ring. She has since frequented the indy circuit, including appearing as a heel enforcer at MCW's Ladies Night last June--doing so after a three year hiatus. Melina's comeback also included appearing for Lucha Underground on August 5, 2015. She'll participate at a wrestling event in the UK some time this year, as she announced via social media. I would LOVE to see Melina back in WWE so badly! What role could she play, though? With the babyface side shorthanded, Melina could play that role along with Becky Lynch and Carmella, among others. Of course, I would love to see Melina back as a villainess, or even better, a heroine who turns into a villainess later on. If that day comes and I hear that iconic music of hers on TV, I don't know how I'll react!


I finally ordered and watched Queens of Combat 12 on DVD yesterday! QoC 12 was the back end of the day-night doubleheader that took place on May 21, and was main evented by Taeler Hendrix and Jessicka Havok, who clashed over the QoC Championship. The match ended with Nicole Savoy, fresh off defeating LuFisto, getting involved and costing Havok, leading to Taeler retaining. Solo Darling continued to impress, as she defeated the evil D'Arcy Dixon, who was continuing her villainous persona from the previous event. I ordered this just in time, as QoC 13 is set to take place this Saturday, and in the main event, Taeler Hendrix will defend her title against Angelina Love! This was a huge surprise, as this will be Angelina's first major wrestling appearance since she gave birth four months ago.


I have to post this stunning photo. I may be among the few who remembers Amy Weber and her brief stint in WWE, but I loved her all the same. Amy was part of the first recognized Diva Search in 2004, which was won by Christy Hemme. Despite her fourth-place finish, Amy was one of three DS alums who signed with WWE, along with Michelle McCool and Joy Giovanni. Unlike Michelle and Joy, Amy debuted as a villainess, serving as the image consultant to then-WWE Champion JBL and becoming the lone female member of The Cabinet. Amy's stint in WWE didn't last long, as she was released in early 2005. I was elated to see Amy Weber in WWE, mainly because I previously watched her on the FX sitcom, Son of the Beach, which I loved. I wasn't shocked that Amy was a heel in WWE, though, as she played arrogant heel Porcelain Bidet during the third and last season of the series. The photo is from episode 3.08 of the series--a vampire-related episode, and it shows the evil Porcelain turned into a vampiress. 


BTW, here are a pair of recent photos of Amy Weber. The one on the left is from two years ago, but the headshot is from last year, Hard to believe that Amy is actually 46; she reached that age four weeks ago on July 2. Since leaving WWE, Amy (among other things) became a mother of twins and is also a recording artist. As the photos show, Amy looks as lovely as ever, but as shown in the photo on the left, the evil Amy can still show off a heel persona. smiley: laugh


Speaking of villainesses, the evil Eva Marie made her presence felt on SmackDown this past Tuesday, being the last of the blue brand women to come out. To make her appear even more arrogant than she already is on screen, she was given a voice-over intro! As if I didn't love the Red Queen enough as it is! As usual, she definitely delivered!

A new week begins tomorrow and should see the fallout from Sasha's title win, as well as the buildup to the rematch at SummerSlam. As for the Knockouts, Gail's road to another title shot continues on, but against who? That's the question.