Aug 7 16 12:21 PM

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The week in women's wrestling began on Raw with new Women's Champion Sasha Banks teaming with Enzo Amore against Chris Jericho and Charlotte:

The Red Queen's SmackDown Live debut didn't go as planned:

The same went for Carmella, who was attacked by the evil Natalya:

On NXT the following night, Asuka faced off against Aliyah:

On Impact Wrestling the following evening, Gail Kim faced off against Sienna and Allie:

And that's the week in a nutshell! Thoughts:


The month of August is here, and since 2003, the eighth month has been a hotbed for heel turns in women's wrestling. So many (then-named) Divas and Knockouts have crossed over to the dark side in Augusts past, and one such woman who did so on the first day of the month was Beth Phoenix. As the GIF shows, Beth Phoenix assaulted then-Divas Champion Kelly Kelly five years ago after winning a #1 Contender's Battle Royal. Beth received her title opportunity at SummerSlam, but she was defeated by Kelly. In fact, it took the villainous Glamazon three tries to dethrone Kelly, doing so at the Hell In A Cell PPV in October. Beth fell just days short of surpassing Maryse for what was then the longest Divas Championship reign in WWE. Her reign is listed fourth behind Nikki Bella, AJ Lee, and Maryse.


One villainous swerve I still fondly remember was Layla's back in 2013. It was a crazy year for Layla, as she was supposed to turn into a villainous challenger for Kaitlyn's Divas Championship in the weeks leading to WrestleMania. After that plan was scrapped, Layla was back with Kaitlyn by the summer, after AJ took the title from Kaitlyn. However, on August 2, Layla became a villainess and betrayed Kaitlyn during her championship opportunity against AJ. As the GIF shows, the evil Layla intentionally blocked Kaitlyn's attempt to spear AJ, and that distraction allowed AJ to recover and retain her title. What I loved about this was that Layla had the look of a sexy villainess in a long black dress, complete with leather boots. I still wanted Layla to attack Kaitlyn, but it was still good nonetheless. The first week of August is about done, but that still leaves 24 days remaining; plenty of time for someone in women's wrestling to take a villainous path.


The latest edition of NXT featured a promo for Ember Moon, with the video revealing that she'll debut at NXT Takeover:  Back to Brooklyn on August 20. Ember Moon, as we all know, is indy sensation Athena, who was signed by WWE last fall. She is one of the most phenomenal competitors from the indy scene, with her matches always stealing events. I still fondly remember her farewell address at WSU last September, and I can't wait to see her in action in 13 days.


It's official:  SmackDown is getting their own Women's Championship! It was announced by Daniel Bryan himself that SmackDown will have their own tag titles and their own Women's Championship, with the process beginning after SummerSlam. Most likely, the new champions will be crowned at the SmackDown-based Backlash PPV on September 11. This will give each brand a world title, a secondary title, a set of tag titles, and a women's title, which was the championship structure in 2008 once the Divas Championship was instilled. 

A new week begins tomorrow with the continued buildup for the title matches:  Asuka/Bayley at Takeover and Sasha/Charlotte at SummerSlam. As for the Knockouts, I would love to see Chelsea Green debut on this Thursday's live edition of Impact!