Aug 28 16 8:04 AM

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A spectacular week in women's wrestling kicked off with a bang, as Bayley FINALLY debuted on the main roster! Bayley was put to work right away against Dana Brooke:

The next night's SmackDown Live featured a rematch between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch:

What was supposed to be a match between Carmella and Nikki Bella turned into a vicious assault by the Princess of Staten Island:

The evil Carmella continued her assault on Talking Smack:

On to Thursday's Impact Wrestling, which featured a huge Knockouts Championship contest:

And that's the week in a nutshell, and what a week it was! Thoughts:


Clearly, the highlight of the week was the LOOOONG overdue promotion of former NXT Women's Champion Bayley. Bayley had her NXT farewell last Saturday at Takeover against Asuka, but fans (myself included) had been waiting months for Bayley to be called up. She was the last of the Four Horsewomen to be called up, and the last of the group of seven NXT women signed back in 2013 to be promoted. The other six:  Charlotte, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Becky Lynch, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks. All seven were signed three summers ago; now they're all together in the main roster. So now the countdown is on for Bayley to become Women's Champion, and it may come very soon to fill the void left by Sasha Banks' injury.


SmackDown Live introduced their Women's Championship this past Tuesday, after weeks of rumors involving the title being instilled. As the photo shows, the SD title is a near direct copycat of the Raw title, only with a blue centerpiece. As expected, the inaugural champion will be crowned at Backlash two weeks from tonight, with Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and Naomi competing in a Six Pack Challenge. This is the first Women's Six Pack Challenge since Survivor Series all the way back in 2001, which is where Trish Stratus won her first of seven Women's Championships in that exact environment.


In yet another shining moment from this past week, Carmella became a villainess and attacked Nikki Bella during her pre-match interview, which ended up turning Nikki Bella face as part of a double-turn. Nikki returned at SummerSlam on the heel side of a six-woman tag bout, which she won for her side by pinning Carmella. Before their supposed match on SD Live, Nikki spoke about her comeback, only for Carmella to attack her from behind, ending her assault with the Bella Buster. Carmella laughed evilly after her villainous assault, but as it turned out, she was not done there. On Talking Smack, the evil Carmella resurfaced and attacked Nikki once agan. I did love Carmella as a babyface, but I did miss her heel persona from her beginnings at NXT. Despite being paired with Enzo and Big Cass, Carmella started out as a heel before turning face last spring. The story is that Nikki will become the first SD Women's Champion, and should that happen, we should see the now evil Princess of Staten Island become Nikki's first challenger.


The crazy moments continued in TNA, as Allie actually won the Knockouts Championship! Allie defeated Madison Rayne, Marti Bell, Jade, and entering champion Sienna to win the title, and it came in such accidental fashion. A tug-of-war between Allie and Marti over the latter's baton ended with Allie accidentally taking out Sienna. After Marti retrieved the baton, she KO'ed Allie, who fell on top of Madison. That's how she won the title. Allie is the fourth Canadian to hold the title, joining Gail Kim, Taylor Wilde, and Angelina Love on the list. Cherry Bomb is also the reigning WSU Champion, and she'll defend that title against Jade at Resurgence 2 on September 10.


September will be a busy month for some of the KOs, as Raquel and Chelsea Green will be part of SHINE 37 in just five days! Chelsea made her Shine debut at SHINE 35, losing a terrific match to Kellyanne, while Raquel had a victorious debut on SHINE 36, defeating ROH villainess Kelly Klein. Neither of their opponents for SHINE 37 have been announced, though I'm not ruling out Raquel and Chelsea facing each other. I have said in the past that Chelsea joining TNA should lead to Raquel becoming a villainess and feuding with her, clearly due to their Tough Enough pasts. Hopefully Friday's event could feature the TE girls going at it, with Raquel as the villainess against Chelsea.

A new week begins tomorrow, and we should see Carmella vs Nikki this Tuesday. As for the Knockouts, the fallout from Allie's title win should be very interesting!!!