Aug 30 16 4:49 AM

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Happy birthday to one of my new favorite female faces as or late, Johanna Braddy, who turns 29 today! Johanna should be familiar to TV watchers, even before this past year. She has made many one-shot appearances on various TV shows before landing a consistent role on the first season of Lifetime's series, UnREAL, which stars Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer. Johanna's biggest break came last year, when she joined the cast of ABC's hit series, Quantico, which debuted on the fall of 2015.

Johanna plays recruit turned agent Shelby Wyatt on the hit series, which airs every Sunday at 10. Shelby is a fascinating character, as a matter of fact, the character, like Johanna, is from Georgia. She was on my list of suspects regarding the frame-up on Alex Parrish, though I admit it was mostly because I wanted the terrorist to be female. smiley: laugh Shelby did act as an adversary to Alex at the start, as she was seen for the first time in the future timeline pursuing Alex. She finally becomes convinced that Alex is being set up, but I do recall Shelby being upset at Alex over her testimony in the episode, "Alex."

The photo above is from the last scene of the episode, "Care," and as the photo shows, Shelby turned heel by revealing herself as the driver of a van that was sent to pick up Will Olsen and Simon Asher, who were helping Alex when the terrorist was calling her and giving her orders. The last order was to give the phone to Shelby, and after she does, the evil Shelby drove away with Will and Simon. I'll never forget how elated I was, because it looked like Shelby was really involved in this set-up. Plus, Shelby did look like a sexy villainess in a black turtleneck. smiley: happy 

Viewers would have to wait two weeks to really see Shelby, as she resurfaced in the episode "Fast." She was found at the Bureau by Alex, and she received permission from Miranda to interrogate her. In one of my favorite scenes, Shelby was still in heel mode as she berated Alex, but while doing so, she sent Alex a message in Morse Code, tapping her finely manicured index finger. The translated message stated that Shelby was on Alex's side, and she was on a secret mission to find this culprit.

Shelby actually went through a lot in Season One; learning that her half-sister is con artist, only to find out that she was actually involved in a secret mission. She found out that her parents, thought to have been killed in 9/11, are not only alive, but are (technically) war criminals. And her relationship with one of my favorite characters, Caleb Haas, is more on-and-off than Steinbrenner and Billy Martin. Even more complicated is the fact that Shelby had an affair with Caleb's father, Spencer Haas, so yeah, Shelby's been through a lot. I'm itching to see what happens with Shelby in Season Two; Johanna Braddy is one of the main reasons why I really love Quantico!