Sep 12 16 5:35 AM

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The week in women's wrestling began on Raw with Charlotte and Bayley facing each other:

Nia Jax made quick work of Ann Esposito:

And in the aftermath, Alicia Fox confronted Nia Jax:

Sasha Banks made her announcement:

The next night on SmackDown Live, a six-woman tag team bout took place:

On the following night's NXT, the enigmatic Ember Moon made her Full Sail debut against Leah Vaughan:

Lucha Underground returned with Sexy Star and Taya facing off for the Gift of the Gods Championship:

The next night on Impact Wrestling, Jade and Gail Kim competed against Sienna and Allie:

The week ended at Backlash with the crowning of the first ever SmackDown Women's Champion in a Six-Pack Elimination Match:

And that's the week in a nutshell! Thoughts:


Massive congratulations to Becky Lynch for becoming the first-ever SD Women's Champion! The order of eliminations went like this:  Alexa Bliss was ousted by Naomi, who was eliminated herself by Natalya. Nikki Bella eliminated the Queen of Harts, but like Randy Orton's RKO, the evil Carmella came "outta nowhere" and eliminated Nikki. It was down to the Princess of Staten Island and the Lass Kicker, and in the end, Becky made Carmella submit to win the title! This was long overdue for Becky. For over a year, Becky was the odd woman out in the Four Horsewomen, just like Scott Hall was with the Kliq. Charlotte was NXT Women's Champion, WWE Divas Champion, and currently a two time WWE Women's Champion. Sasha Banks held the NXT and WWE Women's Championships, and Bayley had a long run as NXT Women's Champion. Becky was called up without a title run, but at long last, she is at the top.


Yet another indy sensation visited NXT this past week, in the form of Leah Vaughan. I've seen a number of Leah's matches online and on DVD, so I know how phenomenal she is. Leah has competed in several different promotions, including her native Canada's Smash Wrestling and NCW Femmes Fatales, as well as the Florida based Shine Wrestling. She competed mostly as Leah Von Dutch, but has been recently working as Leah Vaughan. Leah has been a face and a heel about an even amount of times, and with Ember Moon being her opponent, the evil Leah showed off her villainous persona very well in her appearance.


Is Paige on her way out of WWE?! Rumors have circulated that Paige actually quit WWE, though they have died down a bit. Paige is currently one of two women serving a Wellness Policy suspension, and the departure could be connected to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, who left WWE a few days ago. An article I read stated that Paige is actually under contract until 2019, which should kill the departure rumors. Paige has been in WWE for five years, and she's only 24. She has been Divas Champion twice, but has been lost in the shuffle a bit since last September. It was a year ago that Paige turned villainous and engaged in a feud with then-Divas Champion Charlotte, and in the months that followed, the evil Paige failed to dethrone Charlotte as champion. Paige's heel run ended earlier this year, and her last PPV appearance to date was at WrestleMania five months ago.


I have to end this week's post with this screen capture of Alexa Bliss. As the photo shows, Alexa is clearly channeling her inner Harley Quinn with this look! Suicide Squad is still a big hit in the box office, so Alexa's look did come just in time. She was missing only two things:  a bat and a Brooklyn accent. 

A new week begins tonight with the continuation of Charlotte/Sasha on Raw, and the fallout from Becky Lynch's victory on SD. As for the Knockouts, a #1 Contender for Maria Kanellis' Knockouts Championship will be decided in a battle royal!