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I need a life.

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Oct 13 11 9:41 AM

Just because I haven't been capping doesn't mean I haven't been watching.


You know where:


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Oct 24 11 5:55 AM

Thanks for the link Mr.Bill.
I wouldn't care if Christina did the news in a zipped up parka, it was so nice to hear that songbird voice and see those magic eyes in action again.

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Nov 19 11 1:40 PM

CP looked great in a purple sweater top today.

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#74 [url]

Nov 24 11 5:01 PM

Some friends went to NYC for Thanksgiving, I told them to watch channel 5 and when Christina comes on to wave at the TV for me.
  I think they thought I was nutz... oh well  

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Feb 1 12 3:32 PM

Christina anchoring the 10pm with Dari for the 3rd day in a row and they both look smokin tonight. Fox 5 has given us a real treat this week so far. It's looking like they'll be anchoring together the whole week, though it was a bit odd Dari wasn't there for the 5PM today but is now there for the 10PM, maybe she just had that part of the evening off.

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