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master sergeant

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#90 [url]

Jul 5 12 6:56 AM

HOLY SHIT! Christina in that blue dress...WOW!

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private first class

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#93 [url]

Aug 27 12 6:56 AM

From last Wednesday

From last Thursday

Here are both couch clips for all those who missed it last week. Dari and Christina looked stunning. Makes you wish they were the everyday anchor team at 10PM. Credit goes to jaynorris for both vids.

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#96 [url]

Sep 1 12 3:41 PM

Christina looking good today! Christina not as popular as a couple of years ago.


Not sure who you claim she's less popular with, but if she keeps wearing tops like she has on tonight's delayed 10 o'clock news, she's sure to be more popular.

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#100 [url]

Sep 15 12 4:16 PM

Christina looked great again on Saturday night (although not quite as great as last Saturday). Sadly, it was delayed (again) due to the new Fox Sports College Football on Saturday night. They're running as late as CBS does on Sunday NFL football! Why can't these damn games end on time?

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