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first sergeant

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Sep 29 12 9:15 AM

I recently won a laptop - a Samsung 300E7A - S08 - a beauty!

When I turned it on for the first time it started the Windows 7 setup and it asked me which language? - so I answered English. (Now living in Germany, all the desktops I have had have Windows in German and my current desktop is no exception.) When I hooked-up my laptop to the router in order to transfer some files over there was a message saying because they were different languages only personal files could be transferred - no bust.

While I was busy preparing my laptop the desktop crashed, gave me a memory dump then went dead.

After 3 weeks of working on or off my desktop was pissing me off - I even thought about going back to factory settings using the recovery disk. Instead I wiped out my laptop and chose German as the language - since then no problems.

Am I first to experience this problem?

I can't believe that almighty Microsoft can connect millions of computers around the world but 2 different language Windows in 1 home network are incompatible!!! That's crap!!!

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