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Sep 7 12 1:16 AM

What happened to Erica??  Did she get canned???


Yeah, a long time ago, like back in the end of July.

She more or less shared Maggie's fate and was off-air permanently the day that article was published.  But that's not surprising.  CBS seems very good at getting rid of damn near everyone the male demo likes to watch (Michelle, Maggie, Betty, Erica to name a few).

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Oct 7 12 1:57 PM

here the issue with CBS. for some reason they suck in ratings over other show. so they get ride of people a lot if does not work out. as for betty we do not know if they where will up the pay or want to keep contract going. they love leave people hanging when there contracts are up or near the ending. it looks like they wait till last moment to make up there mind.

found out more info on eric hill
Hill now serves as a Special Correspondent for CBS News, contributing to all CBS broadcasts, including 60 Minutes.

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