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staff sergeant

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#41 [url]

May 28 12 12:03 AM

As always, she's really proud of her knees.

Susan Hendricks 20120528


[i]When the [b]Giants[/b] come to town, it's Bye Bye Baby...[/i]

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#42 [url]

May 28 12 3:06 AM

She is in for Robin.


Strictly speaking, she's in for Natasha who would be in for Robin.

Does she read her FB page? Someone should suggest that they tell people when Natasha finally has the baby.

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sergeant first class

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#45 [url]

May 29 12 1:12 AM

thanks for Susan she is also wearing white! 

Morality is temporary. Wisdom is permanent. HST Hypocrite lecteur, -mon semblable, -mon frère!

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#50 [url]

May 30 12 9:27 AM

Thanks for Susan pics, she is lovely.

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#60 [url]

Jul 1 12 11:29 PM

Indeed.  There's some great shots this morning.  I happen to really like the wide shot just before they go to the weather guy....yeah, I'll add some too when I wake up later.

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