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sergeant first class

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#46 [url]

May 26 11 2:12 AM

I don't watch the show but I like Robin.  It's a shame they are wasting their time covering that crap. 

Morality is temporary. Wisdom is permanent. HST Hypocrite lecteur, -mon semblable, -mon frère!

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master sergeant

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#50 [url]

May 27 11 5:10 AM

Nothing like a stretched out black tee. Thanks Dave.

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staff sergeant

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#58 [url]

Jun 1 11 8:56 PM

Managed to post a few caps...

The phone lines at my house are getting progressively worse, which means no DSL. I can't get a whole lot done on the laptop during breaks at work, so bear with me. A phone guy will be by next week, so hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

[i]When the [b]Giants[/b] come to town, it's Bye Bye Baby...[/i]

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