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#30 [url]

Jul 16 11 12:52 AM

She in a Tiiiiiiiiiiiiighttttttttttttttt Grrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn Toooooooopppppppppppppp.[image][image][image][image]


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#31 [url]

Jul 16 11 2:36 AM

They just had a segment where Natasha interviewed Robin on the couch about her new CD. It looked like she was wearing the same green shirt she is wearing today but maybe it was taped earlier (also might have been a different shade of green). If anyone wants to catch it, I'm sure they will show it another dozen times today, unless they switch to non-stop Casey Anthony coverage again. I already know that Sunday will be a lost cause for anything with Natasha.

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