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May 27 11 1:32 PM

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What could make a news anchor fan site better, other than a better caption device?

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May 28 11 11:45 AM

Hi Joe..
What computer do you have?
I have "windows 7"
Windows 7 has a" snipper tool "Like This...

If you have can "snip" or make your own caps ...from an online Video.

Other computers have the same capabilities...cut I can only speak for windows 7,

If you have this tool it to your taskbar.
Then when you click on will see a small window on your screen.
Clich on "New"..and the Video freezes...and the screen becomes semi opaque ...

Select you Cap...and Save.

Joe..different computers will vary,
I found the snipper tool for "googling" .."how do I take a screen capture ?"

When you find a patient ,
 A lot of it is Trial and Error...till you get what you want,

Hope that helps ,

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