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Oct 11 11 9:35 PM

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It may not be HD, and the shots weren't quite as optimal as they were in the first two hours, but we now have definite proof that Natasha has skin above her ankles. (18MB)

I usually lump in Jennifer Westhoven and Bonnie Schneider in my MXP vids, but I didn't want to interrupt the flow of Natasha's show. So I made two brief separate clips instead. Nice and bite sized. (So are the vids!) (6MB) (7MB)

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Oct 30 12 10:35 PM

Can do! In fact, I already did... I had re-upped them to RapidShare for another board, but I forgot about that and upped them to MediaFire. So it's your choice!


Also, here's Jen and Bonnie, respectively...

I also had apparently posted elsewhere another leggy moment ten days later, might as well paste that one in here, too... (15MB)

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