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Mar 25 12 11:26 AM

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All Bloomberg threads have been removed.  If any more happen to be created, they too will be removed instantly and without question.  No, this is not my choice.    I received this message today:

A claim has been filed for removal of the content and must be taken down, or you can submit proof of licensing to post the content.
Please remove all unlicensed content (screencaps, images, etc.) from Bloomberg and ensure that future  postings of the same from Bloomberg are removed from the site.
This request must be completed within 24 hours.
Lefora Staff

So, you guys are going to have to go elsewhere to discuss this network because I can no longer allow it here.

That said, screencaps, images, videos, etc. from Bloomberg has become banned content.   Posting this content will result in the following:

1st offense: Formal Warning
2nd offense: 1 week ban
3rd offense: Permanent ban from the forum

I don't like it either, but that's the way it is.

Avatars:  Anyone with an avatar depicting a Bloomberg personality has 24 hours to change said avatar or face the above consequences.  They're not messing around, and neither am I.

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