Aug 22 12 3:00 PM

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I need help in connecting a cable box to a tv tuner..a hauppage. I was hoping to do it thru S-video. The cable guy connected the box to tv thru HDMI. I have no idea what to do. When I connected coaxial cables I had a 6 second delay in the video between computer and tv and it stunk. I need all the help like a newbie dummy. The jacks with the red, yellow and white cords won't work because I lost an adpater for the computer. And I get no video when I connect the s-video cord. HDMI connection to TV is a messy thing because when I connect the coax cable to the computer and turn off the tv I get an error so I had to take out the HDMI cable connected to the tv for me to be able to turn off the tv and still use the computer to screen cap.